The Gurney Project

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The Gurney Project is a scholarly endeavor created by tenor Michael Dodge and soprano Arianna Arnold in 2017. The project was aimed at exploring the unpublished music of WWI-era British composer and poet Ivor Gurney, whose prolific output of music and poetry was tragically overlooked for most of the 20th century. With the support of organizations such as the Ivor Gurney Society, Ivor Gurney Trust, and Gloucestershire Archives, Michael was able to travel to Gurney's hometown of Gloucester to examine his unpublished manuscripts.

On October 13th, 2017, Michael and Arianna presented a concert in Baltimore, MD that featured popular song cycles by Gurney, a lecture about his life and work, and selected unpublished songs, performed for the first time since their composition nearly 100 years prior.

Through events such as this, it is the goal of the Gurney Project to bring the music of Ivor Gurney into the spotlight while educating musicians about his vast body of work. 


For more information about The Gurney Project, Ivor Gurney, or his work, please contact Michael Dodge, follow any of the links below, or see the link at the top of the page to view the program from the concert.


Michael Dodge 2017